Barrel Man

Slim Garner, Rodeo Clown

Slim Garner

With a 2000 pound bull bearing down on you, it helps to have a sense of humor. It also helps to have a barrel to hide in. Jeff “Slim” Garner is a second-generation clown, who started clowning around when he was 17 years old. He has been traveling coast to coast for the past 9 years as a full-time entertainer, but has been a rodeo clown for a total of 17 years. He obtained his Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Card in 2000, and travels to 30-40 rodeos a year. Jeff has a large variety of rodeo acts to keep the crowds entertained. Anything that is loud and catches the crowd’s attention is what he likes.

Jeff took some time off from rodeo clowning to attend Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas, where he obtained his Associates Degree in Animal Science. He came to miss the rodeo arena, and found out where his true passions lie: entertaining people.

Jeff likes to ride horses, rope, and help his dad on the ranch in his spare time. He also likes to see what other inventions he can come up with so that his rodeo acts can be better and the crowd will always be entertained.

Jeff gets a huge thrill just stepping into the rodeo arena. He loves what he does and lives out his dream performing for the rodeo fans.

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