Bareback Riding

With nothing to hold but a “rigging” or suitcase-like handle on a strap secured comfortably behind the horse’s front legs, the cowboy must maintain balance and control while the horse bucks and pitches. A “flank strap” is secured around the horse’s hind end which tells the animal it’s go-time!

The ride is judged on the cowboy’s spurring motion in coordination with the horse’s movement, as well as the bucking action of the animal. A rider is disqualified if he fails to have his heels touching the animal above the point of the horse’s shoulders when it makes its first jump, known as the “mark-out” rule. The rider cannot touch any part of the horse or himself during the 8-second ride. A high-scoring ride is in the high 80s or 90s out of a possible 100 points.

2023 PRCA World Champion: Keenan Hayes, Hayden, CO

2023 VDRR Champion: Keenan Hayes, 87.5 Points on Powder River Rodeo’s Flip A Coin

VDRR Arena Record: Royce Ford, 91 Points on Powder River Rodeo’s Big Chill, 2006

This year’s Bareback Riding is sponsored by: