Team Roping

This is the only true team event in rodeo – one “header” who ropes the head of the steer and one “heeler” who ropes the heels, or feet, of the steer. Each contestant begins in their respective “roping box” – a three-sided fenced area with a chute containing the steer in the middle.

Similar to Steer Wrestling, a breakaway rope or “barrier” is attached to the steer and released once the steer reaches its advantage point The “broken barrier” rule also applies with a 10-second penalty added to the team’s time. Once the steer is out, the header leaves the roping box in pursuit of the steer, roping it around the horns, neck, or a horn-neck combination. He then turns the steer quickly to the left so the heeler has a shot at both of its hind legs. The clock stops when their horses are facing each other and their ropes are pulled tightly. If the heeler catches only one leg, a five-second penalty is added. A fast time in the Team Roping is less than 4 seconds.

2023 PRCA World Champions: Tyler Wade, Terrell, TX; & Wesley Thorp, Throckmorton, TX

2023 VDRR Champions: Clay Smith & Coleby Payne, 4.5 seconds

VDRR Arena Record: Derrick Begay & Victor Aros, 3.7 seconds, 2007

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